Sophie Towel Rack
Parts Included  QTY
A. Towel Rack     1
B. Screw     4
C. Set Screw     2
D. Allen Key     1
E. Bracket     2

The stainless steel wall-mounted towel rack with soft lines has always been the favorite of the bathroom, and the powerful storage function is the selling point of this towel rack

Model#DescriptionFinishWeight(lb)W*H*D(mm)W*H*D(Inches)Metal Type
S60524-DUSophie Towel RackPolished598*220*11624*8.6*4.5#304S.S
S60524-SSSophie Towel RackBrushed598*220*11624*8.6*4.5#304S.S
S60524-MBSophie Towel RackMatte Black598*220*11624*8.6*4.5#304S.S
S60524-BGSophie Towel RackBrushed Gold598*220*116 24*8.6*4.5#304S.S
S60524-RGSophie Towel RackRose Gold598*220*11624*8.6*4.5#304S.S